Update – 2020 Goals

It seems like ages since my last post on February 7. Where did the first quarter of 2020 go? And have I achieved any of my goals for the year? Is it even sane to be talking about goals during a global pandemic? Here are my original goals for 2020 that I posted way back … Continue reading Update – 2020 Goals

February 2020 and Nature Study

Nature study has been a part of our homeschool since we began, however, there have been seasons when we have been more intentional about getting outside. This school year we have struggled to take nature walks and draw in our journals. I really wanted to change this for the second half of the school year … Continue reading February 2020 and Nature Study

Goals update – 2020 Week 3

2020 Goals Exercise every dayDeclutter each room of my house during the 12 week Uncluttered Course.Learn Calligraphy.Stick to my grocery budget each month.Write every day.Read through the Bible daily with our children. Exercise every Day I missed one day of exercise last week. I ran on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, took a one mile nature walk … Continue reading Goals update – 2020 Week 3