Decluttering Week 3

Last week was the third week into the decluttering course I am taking. The weekly challenge was to go through the bedrooms. My husband and I had recently cleaned out our clothes, books and miscellaneous things in the closet in our room, but the kid’s rooms still needed some help.

My daughter was excited to get started, so we attacked her room first. She LOVES horses and had received some horse related gifts for her birthday and Christmas. For some reason, the boxes were still in her room giving it a very cluttered look. Once we tossed the boxes, we went through each storage bin and determined: keep, give away, broken. I have no problem allowing my kids to keep their toys as long as they stay tidy. She found a couple of items to give away and there were some items to pass to her younger brother. We also found some broken toys we could trash. Interestingly, she had LOTS of papers with drawings. We went through these as well: keep and toss. She made the decision on which it would be and I was proud of her for not wanting to keep every scrap of paper, which she would have done a couple of years ago.

My son was not as excited to go through his room, because it was very messy. There was no clear path to his bed or closet. It was desperately in need of a good cleaning. He had an event with his dad Friday night and said he would be fine if I started the process. I was happy to do this, because I know how hard it is for him to part with his beloved toys. So, I was able to sort through his items: keep, give away, broken. He also had a random selection of boxes in his room which I was able to toss. The next day we settled down to the task of reviewing my sort piles and he was pretty happy with them. Then, we moved onto the bookcase, desk and chest of drawers. Mostly, things just needed to be put away. Once we were done, we were both satisfied, which is a huge win for me. He is my “hoarder” hating to part with even his broken toys. He has a drawer of broken toy soldiers that he calls his “purple heart” drawer as they were wounded in his imaginary battles.

It seems I fall into the “Weekend Warrior” class of declutterers. It’s too much to try and get to during the week, so we make a little time during the weekend. I like to conquer it all in one go in lieu of bit by bit.

Do you have a time when decluttering works best for you?

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