February 2020 and Nature Study

Nature study has been a part of our homeschool since we began, however, there have been seasons when we have been more intentional about getting outside. This school year we have struggled to take nature walks and draw in our journals. I really wanted to change this for the second half of the school year and found the curriculum: Exploring Nature with Children by Lynn Seddon. Hopefully, we can share about our adventures here in the coming weeks.

We were able to get out with some friends in January and explore a local park. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

January 2020

Yesterday, we took a short nature walk and saw: an Azalea bush in bloom, a Carolina Jasmine vine in bloom, a fern with new fronds, a Red Leaf maple with buds and more. It was cloudy and 69 degrees. The birds have been chirping loudly in the morning happy for Spring. After our walk, we took time to draw/paint in our nature journals. Have you ever kept a nature journal?

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