Decluttering Week 2

This is the second week into the decluttering course I am taking. This week the challenge was to go through every room in the house and take a visual inventory. Then, go back through with a trash bag and get rid of anything that is broken, doesn’t fit or can be recycled. Once all these items were gathered, it was time to sort the piles: trash, recycle, give away. This was a great exercise. I ended up with two bags of trash, two bags of recycle, and a car load for give away.

When I complete an exercise like this, I have no desire to go shopping again. Yes, I am sure that feeling will fade, but this is our fourth iteration of decluttering. Each time there is less to go through, so I know we have gotten much better about what we buy. Having children makes it challenging, but I was intentional with baby number 3. I didn’t buy a lot of baby stuff. We bought only what we knew we used with the first two. Also, I was so blessed to have friends who were willing to pass on baby clothes. Once we were finished with the clothes, we passed them on, too. I tried to give away as much as possible as soon as we were finished with it.

Do you have decluttering you need to do?

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