Hello, 2!

In a couple of days, my youngest will be two. It’s such a precious age. Every day there is something new to discover. Our world is full of picture books, trains and cars. And he’s a music lover. His current number 1 request is Michael Buble’s “Jingle Bells”. He shares my love of Christmas music ;).

I remember when I found out I was pregnant. It was such a a surprise! My husband and I were both in shock. We had two children already and wanted more, but after years of hoping, we thought God had closed the door. In fact, God was just waiting for the right time.

Then, the reality of pregnancy hit. I was in my forties and things were a bit harder the third time. We found a midwife and began to prepare. She informed me I was high risk due to my age, but I had the same warning with my first two, as well, since we didn’t begin our family till I was in my late thirties. My health was and still is very good. My first two had been delivered naturally, and we wanted the same for this precious, little one. I walked every day and watched what I ate, but gained the same fifty pounds I had with the first two. That was my magic pregnancy weight number, I guess. Thankfully, I have been able to shed those pounds after each baby. It’s unbelievable to think that over three pregnancies I have gained and lost the weight of a person.

It was in the first trimester that we took a grand cross country trip to see family. Our plan was to drive from the very southeast end of the country to the northwest end and loop back around over the course of two and a half weeks. All of this was planned before we knew we were pregnant. So, just as morning sickness was setting in we began our trip. I made my husband promise he would stop every time I needed to go to the bathroom or get something to eat, even if it meant our drive that day would be longer. He was so sweet and agreeable. It was a hard trip physically, but so much fun, too. We saw Laura Ingall’s Wilder’s homes, followed the Lewis and Clark Trail and explored the Oregon Trail. I was thankful for good health the whole trip.

The day before my due date I went to my midwife for a check. We were both praying I would be on time and not go over due to my age. That night labor started. I wasn’t sure at first if they were real labor pains, so I called my midwife to let her know, and we agreed I would stay home and monitor the progress and call her, if needed. I settled down to watch some t.v. and try to relax. It worked for a bit, but before long I was up walking the floor and the pains were more intense. Finally, at two in the morning, we called the midwife and headed to the birth center. My mom was visiting and was asleep upstairs along with our older children. Since it was the middle of the night and we had no idea how long the labor would last, we decided to let them sleep. The drive to the birth center only took ten minutes. The mood there was so relaxing: the smell of orange from the essential oil diffuser, soft music, a comfortable bed. After arriving, everything progressed so quickly. The midwife offered me an exercise ball to sit on and that helped the pain immensely. My body took over and within forty five minutes of arriving at the birth center our healthy little guy was delivered. It was so quick and easy and a wonderful delivery. By four in the morning, we were headed back home. It all went seamlessly. At six, my older son woke up and came downstairs to find out he had a new sibling. He ran upstairs to tell my mom, who thought he was joking. Then, she and my daughter rushed down and found our newest arrival snuggled up with us. It was a sweet surprise for them.

With each of my children, the birth experiences were different. Often when I reflect on those experiences, I think of how much their personality comes through in the birth process. My baby’s delivery was quick and easy and he is an easy baby. As we approach two, he is talking in sentences and singing songs, running everywhere and doing his best to keep up with his older siblings. He has changed us all in wonderful ways, and I am so thankful for him. God knew exactly who we needed and exactly when he needed to get here.

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