Goals update – 2020 Week 3

2020 Goals

  1. Exercise every day
  2. Declutter each room of my house during the 12 week Uncluttered Course.
  3. Learn Calligraphy.
  4. Stick to my grocery budget each month.
  5. Write every day.
  6. Read through the Bible daily with our children.

Exercise every Day

I missed one day of exercise last week. I ran on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, took a one mile nature walk with my kids on Friday, did a quick five minute workout on Saturday and went on a one mile walk with my youngest on Sunday. The running continues to be a slow process. At the beginning of last year I was walking every day, but that fell off in the middle of the year and I did not exercise much after that. I am concentrating on cutting calories and shedding some pounds, so the running will get better.

  1. 1/13/20 – Run 1 mile with kids
  2. 1/14/20 – Run 1 mile alone
  3. 1/15/20 – Run 1 mile with kids
  4. 1/16/20 – no exercise 🙁
  5. 1/17/20 – one mile nature hike with the kids
  6. 1/18/20 – 5 minute workout
  7. 1/19/20 – 1 mile walk

Declutter Every Room of Our House

Last week our goal was to write out the ‘why’ of why we want to declutter with the intent that it will keep me going when the going gets tough. We didn’t have to do anything else, but, if we were ready to begin decluttering, we could. My grocery budget pushed me to declutter my freezer and you can read more about that here. I was also prompted to clean out the cabinet above my desk when I went to find something and got lost in it.

Learn Calligraphy

I have been practicing this week and it went well. Today, starts week 3, and I am almost caught up.

Grocery Budget

These past 3 weeks have been wonderful. We have not eaten out one time, whereas we used to eat out a couple of times a week. In the past at the beginning of the week, I would not think about how many times we would be eating out during the week, because I always wanted to believe I would be making the meals. I bought groceries accordingly. Then, we would eat out, the food we were supposed to eat would not get eaten. The next grocery shopping day would roll around and I would not check to see what we had and would buy MORE food. I have eliminated the overbuying by doing an inventory of what we have for already on hand and making menus around these food items. This has also helped reduce waste. So, we are winning!! We are over on the grocery budget for the month, but I haven’t had to throw anything away.

Write Every Day

Every day I make it a point to write on my blog. Currently, many of my posts revolve around my goals for the year, but I am in the process of reducing the posts on my goals to once a week, so I can concentrate more on creative writing. This week was amazing, because I hit 10 followers on my blog. I never had a goal for attaining followers, but it is encouraging and I am so thankful!

Read through the Bible daily with our Children

We have missed a day or two when the morning is particularly rushed, but we have continued to read through the bible. Some days we may only read one chapter, but we are pushing forward. It has been a great opportunity to delve into the bible as a whole with our kids.

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