Decluttering the Freezer

This week I went over on the grocery budget (more on that in tomorrow’s grocery budget weekly update post), which means I need to get creative for the rest of the month. The freezer has been out of control for a while, so I decided this week to shop my freezer for my meals and declutter it in the process. I began by doing an inventory of my freezer.

Freezer Before

There were a couple of items I had to throw away, but here is a list of what remained. On some of these items, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I bought them. We are not ‘frozen cut okra’ people, but, alas, here we are. After listing all the items in the freezer, I got to work on an updated menu for the coming week using as many of the items in my freezer as possible and highlighted them in yellow. I also tried to use as many items in the pantry as possible, too.

Freezer Inventory
Revised menu for the coming week

After making a new menu, I straightened up the freezer items, so I will be able to quickly locate what I need this coming week.

Freezer decluttered

It will be interesting to see how these meals turn out. I’ll keep you posted. Is your freezer out of control?

8 thoughts on “Decluttering the Freezer

  1. I don’t tend to buy food I won’t use–to cut frozen okra for me, especially since my partner hates okra–but I used to occasionally buy a piece of clothing thinking I could be the sort of person who’d wear it. The minute I spot myself thinking that these days, I move on. If I was going to be that person, I would be by now. I’ll never wear it, even if I do like it.

    It’s odd how our minds work.

    1. “If I was going to be that person, I would be by now” – I absolutely agree! I used to shop the clearance racks even if the clothes didn’t quite fit, because they were a “good deal”. Now, I only buy what I love even if I have to pay full price.

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