Goals update – Weeks 1 and 2

I know I have been posting soooooo much about goals, and I promise this will turn into only a weekly thing. But, friends, it’s January! I’m getting it all out. This is my blueprint for the year 🙂

2020 Goals

  1. Exercise every day
  2. Declutter each room of my house during the 12 week Uncluttered Course.
  3. Learn Calligraphy.
  4. Stick to my grocery budget each month.
  5. Write every day.
  6. Read through the Bible daily with our children.

Exercise every Day

So far, I have exercised every day this year. The running is a slow process, because I am bringing the kids along with me. They don’t always WANT to do it, but it has been great for them. And it has been great for me, too. I need to get out and breathe fresh air! Our biggest struggle has been their desire to outrun each other, which has led to some good discussion. As the Bible says, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” We are working on celebrating each other’s wins. And I am adamant that I AM GOING TO EXERCISE EVERY DAY. One day off so often becomes two then three and then never again.

  1. 1/1/20 – Run 1 mile with kids
  2. 1/2/20 – Run .58 mile with kids
  3. 1/3/20 – Yoga on GLO
  4. 1/4/20- Pilates on GLO
  5. 1/5/20 – Family walk
  6. 1/6/20 – Run 1 mile with kids
  7. 1/7/20 – 5 minute workout
  8. 1/8/20 – Run 1 mile with kids
  9. 1/9/20 – 5 minute workout
  10. 1/10/20 – Run 1 mile with kids
  11. 1/13/20 – Run 1 mile with kids
  12. 1/14/20 – Run 1 mile
  13. 1/15/20 – Run 1 mile with kids

Declutter Every Room of Our House

The course I am working through just began this week 1/14/20. Our assignment is to come up with the “why” for decluttering with the intent that this will be the motivator to keep going even when we are ready to quit. Ultimately, I desire to own less, so I will feel more organized with paperwork and less overwhelmed by things and be able to move only the things I WANT and CHERISH into my new home. I have 3 whys:

  1. To prepare for our upcoming move and ensure we do not move items into our new home that we do not want.
  2. To be organized with paperwork, so it doesn’t sit in a pile.
  3. To feel less overwhelmed with ‘things’.

Learn Calligraphy

This course began last week on 1/6/2020, however, I did not really begin until this week on 1/13/20. I signed up for this same course last year and let life get in the way, because it was not on the top of my list of priorities. I have to do: laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. So, it was easy to drop learning calligraphy when other things needed to be done. BUT these mundane things are ALWAYS on my list. I want/need a time to slow down and be artistic. Learning these basic strokes requires time and patience, and this year I am going to dedicate both, because I simply love the art of beautiful calligraphy. This week I have spent some time catching up and now I’m back on track.

Grocery Budget

This is what started it all! I wanted accountability on sticking with my grocery budget and when I saw the fruit of posting it on my blog it made me want to put all my goals out there. The ‘fruit’ of posting my budget on line has been:

1. I am conscientious about sticking to my list, because I know I am going to post about it. This has helped so much!

2. Before, I would buy items on my list but also add other things to my cart I wouldn’t NEED for the week. Sometimes I would end up throwing away food, because I didn’t use it in any meals. I would forget it was in the vegetable drawer!

3. Our family is eating IN every night. We have not had take out food this whole year (hahahaha – I know…it’s only two weeks in but this is HUGE for us). We used to eat out at least twice a week.

4. Knowing I am going to post my spending has made me very conscientious during Mid Week Grocery Runs. There’s always that quick trip to the grocery mid week to pick up extra milk, but inevitably much more would be picked up in the process. The mid week runs are in my budget AND I make a list even for the mid week run before I go and stick to it.

5. No take out coffee!! This has been so challenging for me. Takeout coffee was my reward for hard days, good days and, really, any day. I have almost talked myself into it so many times these past two weeks and it has been a mental game keeping myself out of the drive thru line. So far, no takeout coffee.

Write Every Day

This is another artistic outlet for me for which I have not previously made the time. I always think, “Oh, I would love to write.” And I have scenes and ideas running around in my head, but I have never made it a priority. Finally, I got sick and tired of dreaming. This is the year to make it a reality. I am writing every day on the blog and a book on my own. I just want to write!

Read through the Bible daily with our Children

We actually started this at the end of December 2019, and it has been going great. The kid have lots of questions and we have all enjoyed reading together. We did have to tweak the reading to fit our schedule, so our ‘one year read through’ will more likely be two. That’s fine! My hope is we repeat it again and again until the kids leave for college, because the Word of God is like fresh bread baked up every day. It never gets boring!!

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