A sewing lesson

My daughter and I took our first sewing lesson today. I have never had a formal class and she is finally at a good age to sit still long enough for a lesson and patient enough to complete a project. So, feeling like the time was right, during the Christmas break I signed us up for a class on French Seams.

The project was a simple pillowcase for a travel pillow. The fabric was already precut and the instructor walked us patiently through each step. My daughter has a little Janome sewing machine but it wasn’t quite up to the task today. Thankfully, the shop had an extra machine for her to use. There was a sweet lady at the shop, who attached to my daughter, and led her through the whole process. It was a great learnings experience for both of us.

Here are some pictures of our finished projects:

my daughter’s pillow
my pillow

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