Hair washing…

Washing my young daughter’s hair is exhausting. Her hair is almost to her waist and it’s wavy and beautiful. It’s most beautiful in the morning when she wakes up and the waves roll down her shoulders in multiple directions before the brush has tamed them into submission.

But this beautiful hair is also my enemy at times. While my daughter loves her long hair, she *hates* to brush it. Even though I have asked (pleaded, really) countless times, she doesn’t do it. So, when the time comes for me to brush it, there are endless tangles. So. many. tangles.

There’s a grave yard of tangle tamer spray bottles under the bathroom sink as a testimony to my efforts to make the process easier. Next to the tangle tamer sprays are three different types of brushes (no combs allowed – ever!) in my kit. We’ve tried multiple shampoos and conditioners. And in the process, we have settled on products that do help ease the process. However, there are always tangles to be tamed.

Friends of mine have solved this problem by cutting their daughters hair. While I definitely see the wisdom in this, I have my own reason for not cutting it. In second grade, I also had long, flowing, wavy hair. Then, one day my mom took me to get it cut. She told the lady short layers. I remember the first time I saw it in the mirror. I looked like a little boy. The next day at school I wore a jacket with a hat pulled over my hair. When I didn’t reappear from the coat closet, the teacher came in search of me. I was crying when she tenderly pulled back my cap to reveal my new hair do. Every time I look back at pictures of me with that hair cut, I remember that day. So, for me, cutting it is out of the question. I know the hair cut doesn’t have to be that extreme, but I am determined to work through this process with her.

And it has gotten better over time. She does make sure to pre-brush her hair before I brush it. I make sure to spray it and, then, tenderly brush out the tangles. She has learned to control her outbursts when I work slowly through the tangles. I have learned to encourage her when I see she is working hard to be calm. We would have missed all that if we had not worked through the process.

Is there any experience where you skipped the short cut (put intended 😉 and worked through a struggle? For me, this process has been a great picture of how God patiently works through my sin with me.

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