Monday morning…

Here we go! It’s Monday morning and we are beginning our second homeschool semester of the year. It’s exciting! Unlike the beginning of the year, where the whole school year is before us, now we only have half a year left. Yesterday, my daughter joined the choir at church. Today, we restart ballet, tomorrow our homeschool co-op and at the end of the week boy’s club. All the activities and all the friendships come back to us.

Our winter break was wonderful! Did you have a winter break? Was yours restful? It was a nice time for me to relinquish my teacher duties and get to enjoy just being mom for a while. No pushing people to finish their worksheets or whatever task was set before them. Simply being able to spend time with my kids and enjoy them. That’s the hard part of homeschool for me. My hope is this semester to enjoy them during our school time, too. Do you homeschool? Let me pray for your family and mine. Father, I pray for all of us homeschool parents. Please be with us in our homeschool. Help us to be patient, gentle and kind. Help our children to be diligent and obedient. Help us all to keep you front and center. Please keep us healthy and protect us all. Amen.

Our new semester is full of exciting opportunities to make new friends, see new places and learn lots of new things. I love the beginning! But sometimes I begin to lose steam in the middle. I pray, Lord, for strength to enjoy the whole semester as much as I enjoy the beginning. I pray, Lord, when struggles come that you will help me to lean on you and see what you are trying to teach me. Help me to keep my focus on you. I pray this same for all my friends and all the moms out there, homeschool or traditional school. May our eyes be fixed on you!

Are you looking forward to your new semester of school? Any big plans you want to share? Prayer requests? Let me know in the comments… 🙂

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