Changing My Spending and Purchasing Habits

I have been so encouraged by my sister on curbing spending habits. She led me to the “Becoming Minimalist” blog and from there reading the Cait Flander’s blog, where I was energized by reading about her ‘one year spending freeze’. So, I decided to embark on my own spending freeze for 2020. I am limiting my spending freeze to: personal clothes for me, shoes for me, books, takeout coffee and eating out for our entire family. My journey will be much different from Cait Flander’s because I am married with 3 children and she was single. It’s hard to curb your own spending habits. It’s even harder to curb the spending habits of others, particularly when they are children. Currently, my children are 10, 8 and 1 (almost two). Being a toddler, the youngest wants everything and is told ‘no’ a lot, so I really don’t have a problem saying ‘no’ to him. It’s much different with the older two. They have grown up with me and my bad spending habits, so while reforming myself I’ll have to bring them along, too.

Additionally, I will be participating in the Becoming Minimalist’s “Uncluttered Course”. It starts in two days. We have moved a couple times over the past few years and that has helped us weed out our goods, but inevitably more stuff makes its way into our home.

Since I am the primary purchaser and also in control of the family finances, I realize the buck stops here.

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